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With surgery of the spine, experience is everything.

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Our Holistic Approach to Spine Therapy

Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Stern have a strong background in holistic medicine. In 1997 they were co-founders of one of America’s first 3 in-hospital holistic centers, The Center for Holistic Medicine at United Hospital. This million-dollar initiative demonstrated their dedication to the idea of patients healing themselves without surgery or invasive procedures. They still feel that surgery should be considered a last resort and used only if other spine therapy methods are not working.

United Hospital in Port Chester, NY, closed its doors in early 2005 due to budgetary problems. The United Hospital Center for Holistic Medicine was closed as well. Please read about this unique center in press releases during its operation.

Having a good understanding of non-surgical spine therapy treatments is an important quality to have in your surgeon.

In 2004 Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Stern created Spine Options, a holistic specialty center designed to treat problems affecting the spine. Spine Options is the only ultra-specialized “spine only” center in the Northeastern United States that incorporates non-surgical spine therapy treatment modalities such as acupuncture, pain management, physical therapy under the guidance of two M.D.’s, Dr. Brad Cash and Dr. Faye Rim. As part of the same office it is easy for our patients to receive evaluations and treatments at Spine Options. Frequently we will ask our patients to consider some of these options before suggesting surgery.

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Photos, clockwise from top:
Center founders Drs. Stern, Haber, and Neubardt sitting in one of the acupuncture treatment rooms; a treatment/ massage room; the main waiting room; and the staff office area/conference room.

The United Hospital Center for Holistic Medicine’s facilities resided within the hospital. An entire floor of the building was renovated to provide a “sanctuary for healing”, a new concept in the US at the time (1997).