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Article About Dr. Seth Neubardt, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Article About Dr. Neubardt - an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.

Dr. Seth Neubardt: A Variety of Activity is a Prescription for Life’s Stresses
(Profits & Passions) (Biography)
Westchester County Business Journal – July 26, 2004
Christina Kosta Procopiou

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Seth Neubardt seems to prefer taking the road less traveled. This approach sets him apart in his medical career and in life In practice for 13 years after training in orthopedic surgery and completing a New York University spine fellowship, Neubardt has been with White Plains-based Brain, Spine, Scoliosis of New York for the past four years. He says spinal surgery is all he currently does and explains why he chose to pursue the specialty, which he calls both very mechanical and upbeat.

“Many aspiring surgeons are fearful of spine surgery. I thought it would be nice to embrace it and get really good at it,” says the New Rochelle native who now makes his home in Greenwich, Conn.

Another distinguishing aspect of Neubardt’s practice is that he has been successful at helping relieve many of his patients’ back pain without surgery. His recognition of how holistic medicine when properly integrated with traditional medical care can benefit patients led him to establish with a colleague the Center for Non-operative Back Care. This 4,000-square foot treatment center will open in White Plains in the fall.

Outside of work, Neubardt seeks unique hobbies that challenge him and keep him learning. His interests also help him educate his sons David, 12, and Carl, 9, about a number of different things. The 5 acres he lives on in Greenwich allow him to expose the boys to aspects of nature and the outdoors that he feels are important to their education.

“A few years ago we were reading a kids’ book about chickens and their eggs and so forth,” says Neubardt. “The kids were really fascinated with the topic and I thought how interesting it is that even adults don't really stop to think how it works.”

So Neubardt—fascinated with the process of things—got some eggs from the Cornell Cooperative Extension and together they watched as the eggs matured and eventually hatched. They got four chickens from this, and Booboo, now 3, is still with the family.

Neubardt says part of what drives him is a quest “not to go crazy over things that aren’t important.” He doesn’t watch TV, reads The New York Times from cover to cover each day, and tries to occupy his kids with things other than video games and TV. The son of ob-gyn Dr. Selig Neubardt of New Rochelle calls it a constant battle to keep his own sons thinking and learning.

Over a year ago they welcomed 10,000 Italian honeybees into their back-yard. Neubardt got educated in beekeeping through The Back Yard Beekeepers Association.

“The bee is an incredible insect. It’s nice to have a hobby where you realize what you come to understand in beekeeping: bees are not really interested in you. They are just interested in making honey, and you just become another worker in the honey-making process,” says Neubardt. Busy as he is at work and with his sorts, Neubardt finds time to maintain his own organic vegetable garden as well. He grows tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries and says, “I like the concept of having our own vegetables and our own eggs and not having to rely on someone else for them.”

Neubardt calls himself an outdoors person and enjoys skiing and is even building a wooden boat. Another hobby relates to his minor in college: photography. He takes black-and-white photographs and says he likes to photograph people to capture the looks on their faces. His conceptual photography pieces, however, have focused on various subjects and this hobby even earned him a position as a visiting artist last fall at SUNY-Purchase. Neubardt also is a potter, whose work has been featured in House Beautiful magazine.

“I like to work with my hands,” he says. “It seems like I do a lot, but really I have just made a commitment to be efficient with my time and do things that are important to me. All of these interests seem like a lot to juggle, but to me each is so very peaceful.”

Title: Dr. Seth Neubardt: A Variety of Activity is a Prescription for Life’s Stresses
(Profits & Passions) (Biography)
Author: Christina Kosta Procopiou
Publication: Westchester County Business Journal (Magazine/Journal)
Date: July 26, 2004
Publisher: Westfair Communications, Inc.
Volume: 43 Issue: 30 Page: 26(1)

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