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With surgery of the spine, experience is everything.

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Patient Stories

Victor Idaspe and Dr. Neubardt
Victor Idaspe with Dr. Seth Neubardt

Victor Idaspe’s Story

“Thank you, Dr. Neubardt. You gave me my life back!”

Diagnosis: Lumbar Herniated Disc L3, L4
Treatment: Micro Lumbar Discectomy
L3, L4

Victor Idaspe was desperate. He had acute pain shooting down his hip and leg, radiating in all directions. “I couldn’t sit or stand, much less sleep. I was in agony.” The strong medications a pain specialist prescribed gave him no relief. An MRI test showed he had a large herniated disc in his lumbar spine at level L3/L4. Victor searched the Internet and located Dr. Neubardt’s Web site. “I was impressed with how soothing the site was, explaining step by step what I would go through if I needed surgery. I called Dr. Neubardt’s office right away and spoke with his assistant Alison, and it was one of the most pleasant conversations I have ever had. She was so helpful.” Alison was able to schedule Victor to see Dr. Neubardt right away. Dr. Neubardt wanted a higher-resolution MRI, so he arranged for Victor to go immediately to White Plains Hospital for a new MRI. That same day, within hours, Drs. Neubardt and Stern met with Victor and explained that he had a large herniated disc pressing on one of his spinal nerves. “While I was in the office, my back went into such spasms that I started sweating profusely, and became overcome with agonizing, gripping pain. The office staff offered to schedule the microlumbar discectomy as an emergency procedure if he wanted. “I was in so much pain that I felt grateful for hope, but I was still nervous about jumping into surgery.”

Victor had the microlumbar discectomy at 8:30 the next morning, and three hours later, he says he was pain-free. “I went into surgery in agony, and woke up with virtually no pain at all. In fact, several hours later I was up and about, going to the bathroom and walking around my room. I was astonished, and so relieved. Really, like a miracle.”

Victor says of his emergency experience, “It was terrific meeting and relying on Dr. Seth Neubardt. I was so fortunate to find him and couldn’t imagine I’d have such a pleasant experience. White Plains Hospital was a fabulous place, so clean, spotless, unbelievable. The staff were more than professional. They were compassionate and even made sure my fiancee was comfortable as she was welcomed to stay overnight with me that night before my surgery. I appreciated being taken on a step by step tour of the hospital when I went on the Web site. It allayed my fears. I am so grateful to Dr. Neubardt. After one overnight at the hospital, I went back to work three days after my surgery. And now, after a week, I am a tiny bit sore, but a new man. Thank you, Dr. Neubardt, you gave me my life back!”

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